Let's do some MATH quickly

Imagine your goal is to run workshops with over 30 attendees each... from each workshop you make an offer that will generate between $5000 - $30,000 at each workshop...Sounds like a dream?

I can guarantee you it’s totally possible!

But right now, since you are ALONE in your business and you are the one who’s doing ALL the tasks
– it’s hard to get it all organized and promote the workshops to ensure you get enough people there!

That said, you are only getting no one at your event which means $0 from workshops. 

Not to Mention:

  •  The stress
  • ​Work-life balance
  • ​The dreadful training you need to learn constantly because of system updates
  • ​Stuck working in your business
  • ​No one to bounce ideas with

Imagine you don’t have a Virtual Assistant to support you, it’s costing you $5000 - $30,000 in missing revenue every SINGLE MONTH!

That is the price of INDECISION.

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